Status Indicators

SiteSucker shows the current status of the download in the lower section of the SiteSucker window. SiteSucker includes the following status indicators:


This is an indication of how many levels deep the download has progressed. Levels refer to the number of link levels completed relative to the initial link. The URL link that you enter into the SiteSucker window is on level 1. If that page had 10 webpage references (URLs) on it, those 10 links would be on level 2. If each of those 10 webpages contained 15 links, then those 150 links would be on level 3, and so on. This indicator shows which level SiteSucker is currently working on.

Files Downloaded

This is the number of files that have been downloaded.

Files Remaining

This is the number of files that remain to be downloaded. Each page that is downloaded is scanned for links. Any new links that are found are added to the counter. Note that the counter can decrease and then increase again after each new page is scanned. In addition, some links may be skipped because the page has already been downloaded or shouldn't be downloaded according to the settings. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes it is very difficult to predict when the download will be completed. This indicator merely provides a rough estimate of progress.


This is the number of errors that have occurred during the download. If the Log Errors option is turned on, SiteSucker will write the errors to a log file in the destination folder.


During downloads, status messages are displayed at the bottom of the SiteSucker window. Here, SiteSucker lets you know which files are being downloaded. Long status messages are truncated in the status area, but you can resize the window to see the entire message.

Skip Buttons

You can click a Skip button in the status area of the SiteSucker window to skip an individual file during a download.