Password-protected Sites

Some servers restrict access to certain content, requiring a user to authenticate with a valid user name and password.

Warning: Before logging in and downloading a site, use the Path settings to exclude any links that can modify the site or log out the user.

Secure sites usually provide a login page that requires the user to enter a user name and password into a form. To download files from this type of site, try the following:

  1. Turn on the Download Using Web Views option under the Webpage settings.
  2. Enter your site URL.
  3. Choose Open Browser in the Control menu.
  4. In the browser, enter your username and password.
  5. Navigate to the page where you want to start downloading and click the Download button.

Before starting the download, you may need to modify other settings (such as Path Constraint, Paths to Include, etc.) so that you only download what you want.

In other cases, the server will ask for the user's credentials when the client sends a request. If the user name and password for the site are found in the Keychain, SiteSucker will respond with these credentials. Otherwise, SiteSucker will display a login dialog that you can use to enter your user name and password.


If you turn on the Suppress Login Dialog setting under the General settings, SiteSucker will not display the login dialog when credentials are requested, and password-protected content will be skipped unless the proper credentials are found in the Keychain.