The SiteSucker queue provides an easy way to download multiple sites. If you enter a URL while SiteSucker is busy downloading another site, the requested URL will be added to the document's queue. (SiteSucker will not add a URL to the queue if it's already in the queue or if it's currently being downloaded.) After the current download is finished, SiteSucker will begin downloading the next URL in the queue. The settings in effect when the download starts are used for all URLs in the queue.

To download multiple sites, each with different settings, use a separate SiteSucker window for each site.

In addition to the methods listed in the URL text field description, here are several other ways to populate the SiteSucker queue:

  • Drag a URL from your web browser into the SiteSucker queue.
  • Drag one or more URL strings (each separated with a return) from a text document into the SiteSucker queue.
  • Choose Add to Queue in the Edit menu to add the address shown in the URL text field to the SiteSucker queue.

These methods can be used while SiteSucker is idle, making it easier to create and save a document that includes URLs in the queue.


To see the contents of the queue, click the Queue button in the toolbar or choose Show Queue in the View menu. When the queue draw is open, you can change the order of URLs in the queue by selecting items in the table and dragging them to a new location. To delete URLs, select them in the table and click the Clear button. To hide the queue, click the Close button, or click the Queue button in the toolbar, or choose Hide Queue in the View menu.

While SiteSucker is downloading, click the Next button in the toolbar to stop the current download and begin downloading the next URL in the queue.