SiteSucker allows you to write information about the download to a log file, and each SiteSucker document has its own log file. If a log file does not already exist, the app will create the file if one of the following log options is on and there is a message to log while SiteSucker is downloading.


The Log pane of the Settings dialog provides the following controls:

Log Errors

Check this box to log any errors that might occur while downloading.

Log Warnings

Check this box to log any warnings that might occur while downloading. Warnings might include instances of URL redirection, file corruption, file deletion, loss of the Internet connection, or reasons why files were not downloaded or analyzed.

Log Final Status

Check this box to write final status information (number of levels, files downloaded, files remaining, errors, connections, and time to download) to the SiteSucker log file when downloading is complete.

Log Media Types

Check this box to log the media type of every file. This information can be helpful when configuring the File Type settings.

Log Download History

Check this box to log information about every file downloaded or deleted.