Using a Local File

SiteSucker allows you to use a local HTML file to download your sites. This can be useful when you have a fixed list of resources that you download periodically. To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Create an HTML page that includes links to the files or sites that you want to download and save the file to a local disk. All links on the page should begin with “http://” or “https://”.
  2. Drag the page that you just created from the Finder into the URL text field in the SiteSucker window.
  3. Press ↩ or click the Download button to start the download. (If the Drag triggers download option is on in the Preferences, the download will start automatically after the drag.)

If you created the local HTML page, SiteSucker will scan it for absolute URLs and try to download all of them. The settings of the SiteSucker window will only be applied to URLs found in the webpages and style sheets downloaded by SiteSucker. SiteSucker will not modify a local HTML file that you created.

You can also start a download from a local HTML or CSS file that was downloaded earlier. This allows you to download part of a site with one group of settings and then download additional files with a different group of settings. For this to work, the local file must be in its original location. In this case, SiteSucker will apply its settings to the URLs in the local file and may modify it along with other existing HTML and CSS files that were downloaded earlier.

In addition, you can automatically download a list of URLs by dragging a plain text file containing multiple URL strings (each separated with a return) onto the SiteSucker icon in the Dock.