The Settings dialog allows you to control what is downloaded by SiteSucker. You can display the Settings dialog by clicking the Settings button in the SiteSucker toolbar or by choosing Edit Settings in the Settings menu.

The settings in SiteSucker only apply to the document containing the settings. However, you can save a document's settings as the user default settings by clicking the Save As User Defaults button in the Settings dialog. The user default settings are assigned to new SiteSucker documents.

You can also use the Settings menu to do the following:

  • Display the Settings dialog so that you can edit the settings.
  • Set the settings of the active document* to the user defaults.
  • Set the settings of the active document* to the factory defaults (SiteSucker's original default settings).
  • Assign the settings in a previously saved settings file to the active document*.
  • Save the current settings of the active document* as the user default settings.

*If the Settings dialog in the active document is open, these actions apply to the contents of the Settings dialog.

The Settings dialog is divided into panes. To learn more about a particular pane, choose one of the topics below: