Bank Check Printer

Bank Check Printer is a Macintosh application that prints your bank checks. It is designed to work with standard 8.5 x 11 inch, sheet-fed, three-to-a-page, business-sized checks. The software can also accommodate voucher checks and wallet-sized checks. The bank checks that you use should be pre-printed with the check number and your name, address, routing number, and checking account number. Bank Check Printer isn’t designed to print a stack of single, personal checks.

Simply enter the date, the amount, and the name of the recipient (i.e., the payee), then click the Print button to print your check. You can also include an address on the check or a note in the memo section.

The Bank Check Printer preferences allow you to change the check style (Standard, Voucher, or Wallet), modify the font, choose a signature image, choose a background image, or adjust the positioning of printed fields on checks. In addition, presets can be created for different types of checks.

Bank Check Printer provides a Log window that keeps track of printed checks. The Log window also allows you to populate fields in the main window from items in the log.


System Requirements

Bank Check Printer is a universal app built to run on Macintosh computers with Intel or Apple silicon processors. It requires macOS 10.14 Mojave or greater. Of course, to print checks, you will also need a printer.

Getting Bank Check Printer

Click on the image below to get the latest version of Bank Check Printer from the Mac App Store.

The current version of Bank Check Printer is 3.1.2.


Bank Check Printer help references online manuals that explain all of its features. You can access the manual for the current version of Bank Check Printer by clicking on the link below:

Email support is provided by the author: Rick Cranisky <>.

Please email your suggestions, feature requests, bug reports, user interface gripes, or anything else you have to say about Bank Check Printer.