The Settings screen allows you to control what is downloaded by SiteSucker.


You should be able to download most sites using the factory default settings (SiteSucker’s original default settings). If that doesn’t produce acceptable results, make small changes to the settings and download the site again until you get the results you want. You can also use the Suggested Settings feature, which recommends changing certain settings when specific conditions are detected while downloading a site. If you apply these changes and download the site again, SiteSucker may be able to download more files and get better results.

To change specific settings, tap on one of the items in the list. To learn more about settings, choose one of the topics below:

To reset the settings to the factory defaults, tap on the Defaults button. The Defaults button is disabled if the app is already set to to the factory default settings.

To display information about the SiteSucker app, view the SiteSucker Manual, or contact technical support, tap on the About SiteSucker item.

To change SiteSucker preferences, tap on the Preferences item.

To apply suggested settings, tap on the Suggested Settings item.