Password-protected Sites

Some servers restrict access to certain content, requiring a user to authenticate with a valid user name and password.

Login Page

Secure sites usually provide a login page that requires the user to enter a user name and password into a form. To download files from a site with a login page, do the following:

  1. Turn on the Download Using Web Views option in the Webpage settings.
  2. Modify other settings (such as Path settings, Limit settings, etc.) so that you only download what you want.
  3. Enter your site URL.
  4. Tap Browser in the toolbar above the keyboard to display SiteSucker’s built-in web browser.
  5. In the browser, navigate to the login page.
  6. Enter your user name and password or use the AutoFill feature (see below).
  7. Navigate to the page where you want to start downloading and tap the Download button (Download).

Warning: Before logging in and downloading a site, it is very important that you use the Path settings to exclude any links that can modify the site or log out the user. When downloading a site, SiteSucker will try every link, so if you don’t exclude these links, SiteSucker could log you out before it downloads anything.

If you turn on the Log Download History option in the Log settings before downloading a site, you will see in the log file the URL of every file downloaded. This can be helpful when configuring the Path settings to exclude any links that can log out the user.

If you pause for an extended period, you may need to log in again before you resume downloading. In this case, tap the Browser button, log in to the site, tap the Back button to close the browser, and then tap the Resume button (Resume).

Password AutoFill

SiteSucker supports Password AutoFill, which allows users to automatically enter passwords for websites. Before trying to use AutoFill with SiteSucker, do the following:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Make sure that you have the iCloud Keychain turned on (Settings → your name → iCloudKeychain).
  3. Tap SettingsPasswords.
  4. Make sure that the AutoFill Passwords setting is on.
  5. Also make sure that the password that you want to use is in the Passwords list. If not, add it to the list.

Now you’ll be able to automatically enter passwords in SiteSucker’s built-in web browser by tapping the password prompt above the keyboard.

Login Dialog

Sometimes the server will ask for the user’s credentials when the client sends a request. This is called basic HTTP authentication. If the user name and password for the site are found in the Keychain, SiteSucker will respond with these credentials. Otherwise, SiteSucker will display a login dialog that you can use to enter your user name and password.


The Login Dialog setting under the General settings specifies when SiteSucker should display the login dialog for basic HTTP authentication.