Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re having trouble using SiteSucker, look below for a solution.

Can I change the number of simultaneous connections?

The Preferences lets you set the number of simultaneous Internet connections to use when downloading sites.

How can I download a site that has a login page?

See the Password-protected Sites page for instructions on how to download a site that has a login page.

How do I get SiteSucker to refresh my downloaded site?

Your site has been updated, but when you download it using SiteSucker, the app still shows the old content. This problem is due to a limitation of Apple’s web view that SiteSucker uses to display the downloaded files. Consequently, even when SiteSucker has updated the downloaded files, the web view continues to display the old content.

If you force SiteSucker to quit, the next time you open SiteSucker, it will display the most recently downloaded files.

Why doesn’t anything happen when I try to download a site?

There could be a number of reasons why SiteSucker fails to download a site. First, check the log file for any errors. If there are no errors or the errors don’t account for the problem, turn on the Log Warnings option under the Log settings and try to download the site again. The warnings will probably explain why the download failed.

In many cases, files aren’t downloaded because they are located on another server (try turning on the Include Supporting Files option in the General settings to fix this) or they are subject to robot exclusions (try turning on the Ignore Robot Exclusions option in the General settings).

If the errors or warnings don’t reveal the problem, you might want to try changing the Identity option in the Request settings. Some sites are particular about which browsers they will allow. The Identity setting allows you to “fool” the site into thinking that you’re using an approved browser.

If none of that works, try turning on the Download Using Web Views option under the Webpage settings. Some webpages are built using JavaScript, and without this option being on, SiteSucker may download a page that is incomplete.

You can also use the Suggested Settings feature, which recommends changing certain settings when specific conditions are detected while downloading a site. If you apply these changes and download the site again, SiteSucker may be able to download more files and get better results.

Why won’t SiteSucker download videos?

Unfortunately, SiteSucker can no longer download videos. This restriction applies to all videos from any site, no matter what. This change was required in order to comply with the App Store Guidelines and to get approval from Apple to have SiteSucker included in the App Store.