File Type

File Type

The File Type screen provides the following settings:


Use this setting to specify which file types SiteSucker is allowed to download. (SiteSucker uses media types to identify different file types, since this is standard information included in the Internet headers.) The following options are available:

  • Allow All File Types - Download all files regardless of file type
  • Allow Specified File Types - Only download the specified file types
  • Disallow Specified File Types - Download all file types except the specified file types

Note: SiteSucker always downloads HTML and CSS files regardless of this setting. Furthermore, SiteSucker cannot download videos. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

If the Allow Specified File Types or Disallow Specified File Types setting is selected, you can choose from the following options (shown with representative media types):

  • Archives - application/zip, application/tar, application/stuffit, etc.
  • Audio - audio/aiff, audio/mp3, audio/wav, audio/au, etc.
  • Images - image/jpeg, image/gif, image/tiff, image/png, etc.
  • Custom Types - as specified in the Custom Types screen

Custom Types and HTML Types

If the Custom Types option is on, then settings in the Custom Types screen let you specify which media types SiteSucker should allow or disallow. To select a file type to allow or disallow, turn on the switch next to the media type in the list.

Use settings in the HTML Types screen to specify which media types SiteSucker should treat as HTML. When SiteSucker downloads one of these files, it scans it for URLs. To select a file type to treat as HTML, turn on the switch next to the media type in the list.

Note: You can use the Log Media Types option under the Log settings to determine the media types of downloaded files.


If you tap the Edit button in the Custom Types or HTML Types screen, SiteSucker displays a toolbar with the following buttons:

Delete Delete

Deletes the selected media types.

Edit Edit

Allows you to edit the selected media type.

Add Add

Allows you to add a new media type.