Web Browser

The web browser displays your downloaded files.


If a document icon is shown in the navigation bar, the file is stored locally. If a globe icon is shown, the file is on the Internet. If you tap on the icon, the file's location is displayed, and, if it's on the Internet, SiteSucker allows you to open it in Safari.

The buttons in the web browser toolbar provide browser navigation, file sharing, access to bookmarks, and the ability to display the web browser in full-screen mode.

Back Back

Sends the web browser back one page. You can also go back by using a two-finger swipe to the right.

Forward Forward

Sends the web browser forward one page. You can also go forward by using a two-finger swipe to the left.

Share Share

This button allows you to do the following:

  • Share a downloaded file with other apps, print a file, save an image, etc.
  • Add a SiteSucker document to the Documents screen.
  • Add sites in a zip archive to the Downloads screen.
  • Bookmark a downloaded file. (See Bookmarks below for details.)
Bookmarks Bookmarks

Lists bookmarks for this site. Tap a bookmark to display the associated page.

SiteSucker automatically bookmarks the first file it downloads for a site, and this file is the first one shown when a site's folder or thumbnail is selected in the Downloads screen. You can have SiteSucker start from a different file by creating a bookmark for that file and making it the default (or first) bookmark. However, if the Return to Last Page Visited option is on in the Preferences, the last page visited is always the first one shown.

EnterFullScreen Enter Full Screen

Enters full-screen mode by hiding the status bar, navigation bar, and toolbar. Swipe down to show the toolbar; swipe up to hide the toolbar again.

ExitFullScreen Exit Full Screen

Exits full-screen mode by displaying the status bar, navigation bar, and toolbar.