The Webpage screen provides the following settings:

Check All Links

Switch this on to have SiteSucker check all links in all downloaded HTML files — including links to files that you are not downloading — and log any errors that occur. With this option turned on, SiteSucker may report many errors that you normally wouldn't see. This setting is intended as a debugging tool for web designers who want to see if their own sites have any bad links.

Scan Comments for URLs

Switch this on to have SiteSucker scan comments for URLs. Normally, SiteSucker ignores comments. This option is useful when tags are included in comments so that they can be used by Internet Explorer or JavaScript.

Include Supporting Files

Switch this on to have SiteSucker include supporting files in the download. When this option is on, SiteSucker will download non-HTML files (such as style sheets, images, etc.) even if they are not allowed by the current Path settings or if the Maximum Levels limit is exceeded in the Limit settings.

Download Using Web Views

Switch this on to have SiteSucker download HTML using hidden web views. When this option is on, SiteSucker will load each HTML file into a hidden web view and then extract the HTML from the web view after the page is loaded. This can be useful if the file uses JavaScript to modify the HTML as the page is loading or if the file is an XML file that can be converted into HTML by the web view.

Custom Data Attributes


Use the Custom Data Attributes screen to specify custom data attributes that SiteSucker should scan for URLs. Introduced in HTML5, custom data attributes store extra information, usually for the page's JavaScript, in standard HTML tags. Data attribute names begin with "data-" and do not contain uppercase characters.

If you tap the Edit button in the Custom Data Attributes screen, SiteSucker displays a toolbar with the following buttons:

Delete Delete

Deletes the selected custom data attributes.

Add Add

Allows you to add a new custom data attribute.

Modify Modify

Allows you to modify the selected custom data attribute.